Career Cluster Apps: Finance

App Name Description Cost Age Range
Freefall Money- Coin Math for Kids Kids will keep coming back to this learning tool to fill their fish tank with new fish. The more time they spend learning about coins and math, the more coins and fish they will earn. $1.99 Grades K-2
iAllowance Free iAllowance is the only thing you need to manage your children's finances and teach him or her about saving and spending money. Whether you want to set up a weekly allowance or pay out a special reward, iAllowance handles everything for you with an eye-pleasing and easy-to-use interface. Free Grades K-8
Green$treets: Unleash the Loot! Rescue endagered animals and earn money by planting a beautiful garden, or by tossing items in the greenhouse and keeping Shmootz from ruining all the fun! After all the animals are rescued, take care of them by feeding and playing with them. Free Grades K-5
Kids Pocket Money ($0.99) The “Kids Pocket Money” (KPM) App allows you and your family to manage pocket money in a fast, simple and intuitive way. You can setup as many as 5 child accounts Free Grades K-8

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