Career Book List: Government & Public Administration


  1. We The Kids: The Preamble To the Constitution of the United States by David Catrow
    Provides a basic explanation of the preamble and what it means through a glossary of terms and illustrations.
  2. My Senator and Me: A Dog’s Eye View of Washington D.C. by Edward Kennedy
    Follow Senator Kennedy and his dog, Splash, through a day in D.C., from press conferences and meeting with groups and committees to a floor vote on Capitol Hill.
  3. Rhyme: A Pig in Politics by Will Marks
    Follows the political career of Rhyme as he is elected to Sty Council and works for the citizens of Muck.
  4. Being a Good Citizen: A Book About Citizenship (Way to Be!) by Mary Small and Stacey Previn
    Explains many different ways that children can be good citizens and show good citizenship.


  1. What’s A Mayor? By Nancy Harris
    Learn about being a mayor, the people they work with to lead cities and towns, how local laws are made, and the difference between a strong mayor government and weak mayor government.
  2. Madam President: The Extraordinary, True (and Evolving) Story of Women in Politics by Catherine Thimmesh
    Profiles women in politics and the journey along the way to gain women’s rights in politics. Highlights their achievements and importance.
  3. Working at City Hall (21st Century Junior Library: Careers) by Lucia Raatma
    Learn about the various job that keep cities running.
  4. Local Government (2nd Edition) Kids' Guide to Government by Ernestine Giesecke
    Introduces the purpose and function of local governments, explores the three branches of governments at the city and county level.


  1. Career Ideas for Teens in Law and Public Safety by Diane Lindsey Reeves and Gail Karlitz
    Filled with career profiles, resources, volunteer opportunities, activity suggestions, and self-discovery questions and quizzes to help kids learn about career paths in this field.
  2. Hillary Rodham Clinton: First Lady and Senator (Ferguson Career Biographies) by Bernard Ryan Jr.
    Profiles the life and accomplishments of Hillary Rodham Clinton
  3. A Roman Senator (Working Life) by Don Nardo
    Provides a history of Roman Senators over 12 centuries, looking at their changing roles, social structures, accomplishments, and significant events.

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