Career Cluster Apps: Health Science

App Name Description Cost Age Range
NedTheNeuron The Adventures of Ned the Neuron introduces kids to the exciting science of the brain with fun characters, stories, and activities. Join Ned the Neuron on his first day working in the brain and learn what the brain does, what it is made of, and how we sense touch on our skin. $1.99 Grades K-5
This is my body- Anatomy for kids Learn the principles of human anatomy in a playful and engaging way. Features information about all important aspects of the human body, all within a beautifully designed and illustrated app! $1.99 Grades K-5
Cells by KIDS DISCOVER Learn how cells gather fuel, create energy, grow, and reproduce, with interactive cross-sections of a cell, animations of mitosis and meiosis, and a spinning double helix. $3.99 Grades 3-8
The human body explained by Tom- Discovery Let your children discover their own body, know what it's made of, understand how it works, how it communicates with the outside world, but also how it defends itself from infections and how it develops. $2.99 Grades K-5
Eat-And-Move-O-Matic Learn about the foods you eat and how they help fuel your body for your favorite activities. Make new discovering about your favorite foods and get interesting tips on how small changes can make big differences. Free Grades 3-8
Awesome Eats Sort, stack, pack and plate a rainbow of fresh-from-the-garden foods! Free Recommened for k-5
Nutrition Facts Quickly and easily serach 8,000 foods for highly accurate nutrition factions including Fat, Cholesterol, Protein, Carbs, Calories, Omega 3 and more. Free Grades 6-8
First Aid by American Red Cross The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Free Grades 3-8
Doctor X- Med School Game You're the Doc! Fix all of your patients woes whatever they might be! Use real doctor tools to examine, diagnose, and treat your patients! Once you find the right treatment you can fix your patients in no time! Free Grades 3-5
KidSkool: Doctor Kidskool Professions is a collection of 12 games to help your children learn the different tools and utensils used by adults in their daily work, while having fun with different games that also help them learn and develop various skills and abilities. $1.99 Grades K-8

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