Career Cluster Apps: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

App Name Description Cost Age Range
LawStack A legal library in your pocket. Free Grades 6-8
Jailbreak!- Capture Fugitives from the Prison Break Out Night has fallen and prisoners have escaped from jail. Find them in the silence of night without disturbing the innocents that walk by in the streets. Free Grades 6-8
LEGO City My City Bundled together in one app you can be the hero as you catch the escaped crooks in action packed car chases, or on foot in the park. Put out fires in the city or steer the Coast Guard helicopter to rescue shipwrecks from sharks. Suitable for children ages 5-12. Free Grades 5-8
Tiny Fireman: Rescue Animal Friends with Cat and Dog's Fire Truck A massive fire has burst, and Cat & Dog team up as the trusted volunteers of the Can Town Fire Brigade to rescue the animal inhabitants. Free Grades K-2
KidSkool: Police Kids have fun while they become familiar with the police profession. $1.99 Grades K-5
Firetrucks: rescue for kids There is an awesome and crucial task for each kind of firetruck. Your child earns stars for performing each rescue task. $2.99/Free Grades K-2
KidSkool: Fireman Kids have fun while they familiarize themselves with the different tools and utensils used by firefighters. $1.99 Grades K-5
Firefighter Academy - Game Things are about to heat up so get ready for some firefighting action! The city buildings are in flames and only the firefighters can help. Douse the flames with powerful hoses to extinguish the fire and guide the life net to save desperate citizens. Free Grades K-8
Professor Garfield Cyberbullying Learn internet safety with Garfield Free Grades K-8

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