Career Book List: Marketing Sales & Service

Grades K-2

  1. Clothes in Many Cultures (Life Around the World) by Heather Adamson
    Learn about the special types of clothes people wear all around the world.
  2. Arthur Turns Green by Marc Brown
    Arthur’s class is participating in a project called the Big Green Machine, but D.W. becomes suspicious when Arthur starts sneaking around and comes home with green hands! Learn all about conserving resources and helping the environment.
  3. A Family for Old Mill Farm by Shutta Crum
    A raccoon real estate agent show many animal families places to live on Old Mill Farm, while a human family searches for the perfect house with their real estate agent.

Grades 3-5

  1. Your Planet Needs You: A Kid's Guide to Going Green (Science of Survival) by Dave Reay and Alan Rowe
    Max and Henry become global warming warriors. Conservation tips for at home, school, in the garden, and the community.
  2. What's it Like, Living Green: Kids Teaching Kids, by the Way They Live by Jill Ammon Vanderwood
    Learn about kids who are “living green” and discover ways you can help the environment and help others.
  3. I Want to Be a Fashion Designer by Stephanie Maze
    Discover the world of fashion design by learning about its history, famous designers, schools, and a profile of a young girl who finds success marketing a new type of glove.

Grades 6-8

  1. Career Ideas for Teens in Marketing by Diane Lindsey Reeves and Kelly Guzenhauser
    Filled with career profiles, resources, volunteer opportunities, activity suggestions, and self-discovery questions and quizzes to help kids learn about career paths in this field.
  2. My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming by Nina Chakrabarti
    An interactive book for girls learning about the world of fashion design. Illustrations inspire creativity, as girls are encouraged to add to designs and create their own, along with simple activities for making things.
  3. Dream House Doodles by Nellie Ryan
    Decorate and design various rooms throughout at house as you learn about being an interior designer.

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