Career Cluster Apps: Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

App Name Description Cost Age Range
Toca Cars Cruise through big puddles of ice cream, fly off jumps into a lake or build a huge pile of houses, stop lights, and mailboxes to drive right through. Read, set, GO! $2.99 Grades K-2
Build and Play 3D- Planes, Trains, Robots and More A car, airplane, ship, choo choo train and classic motorbike are just a few of the fun vehicles kids will learn to construct in sharp 3D with this engaging app. Visual memory and visual motor skills get a real workout through the concentration needed to put together these childhood favorites. $2.99 Grades K-2
Kids Vehicles: City Trucks & Buses HD Lite Interactive trucks for kids! Play with them like with die-cast model toys! This app contains 3 high detailed vehicles with interactive functions to play with. Free Grades K-2
Pocket Trains Manage and grown multiple railroads by hauling important cargo around the world. Collect parts to construct all the different train types, and complete daily events to unlock special trains beyond imagination! Free Grades 3-8
the little crane that could Learn to drive and operate a mobile crane. A realistic physics simulation gives you full control over the crane: rotate, elevate, bend, extend and grapple. Free Grades K-5
Airplane! Ding... the pilot has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign! Things are going to get dicey! Whoa Ho! Someone left the engines running and now you get to pilot your own plane! Airplane! lets you have all the fun the big boys have by flying your plane from airport to airport delivering cargo and passengers. No need to spend days in flight school. Free Grades 3-8
Track Builder The lives of the passengers traveling in the train are in your hands. Be quick and alert to lay the tracks correctly so that the train reaches its destination safely. Free Grades K-5

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