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  • Are you new to VIEW?! If so, check out our New to VIEW tutorial to learn who we are, who we serve, what we do... and much more!
  • You don't want to miss our Project Based Learning Resources Guide. Originally designed as a workshop session topic, this interactive electronic document will give you tons of career-related PBL resources to use with students.
  • Looking for creative career counselor ideas? Our Infusing Art into Career Development booklet explores innovative ways to infuse career development into the K-8 classroom, combining the creative processes of the arts with core classroom content. Activities in the booklet have a strong focus on problem solving, designing, creativity, and collaboration through four important processes commonly used in the Arts: creating, presenting, connecting, and responding to ideas.
  • Navigate Kids Search using PLUS Kids Search Guide: Kids Search is an interactive, additive search for elementary students to use to explore over 300 careers! 
  • Our School (College) Search is an excellent resources for middle and high school students to explore countless careers in every career cluster!
  • The If College Isn't Your Thing Toolkit offers alternatives to traditional 4-year college programs. Look for this resource to be completely updated (again) in the near future! As is, the resources offer helpful information for apprenticeships, on-the-job-training, trade/technical schools, military careers, and community colleges.
  • Don't miss these great resources on our site for students and counselors:


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