Exploring Career Clusters in Elementary Toolkit

 About this Toolkit: The Exploring Career Clusters in Elementary School Toolkit focuses on introducing career clusters to younger students. The resources in this toolkit are designed to promote fun, interactive ways to learn about career clusters at the elementary level.


Tips for Using this Toolkit:

  • Introduce one or two career clusters each month, using the Info Sheet as an introduction
  • Using the Info Sheets, have students create a journal reflecting their exploration
  • Educators can use these activities in the classroom – SOLs can be met! Check out VIEWs Guides and Grids.
  • Invite guest speakers to visit your school to make the career cluster learning experience more meaningful
  • Incorporate hands-on projects to increase student interest! Check out the Educator’s Guides and Ideas.
  • Use Kid’s Search to introduce students to different careers.  Then have students use cardboard toolkits (can be ordered from Kraft Gable Boxes, Papermart:  http://www.papermart.com/Kraft-White-Gable-Gift-Boxes/id=53517#53517) to collect “artifacts” that represent a career of their choice.  Make this an at-home project and then have students share their career and artifacts with the class.  Consider integrating this idea with content being learned in the classroom.

Student Resources

Educator and Parent Resources