Kindergarten to College (K2C) Toolkit

 About this Toolkit: The Kindergarten to College Toolkit provides all the tools needed to implement a Kindergarten to College (K2C) program at the elementary level.  Primarily focused on (future) first generation college students, this toolkit is designed to be an integral part of a comprehensive career exploration program spanning all elementary grades. The activities in this toolkit are designed to promote student and parent awareness of college and education after high school, the importance of middle and high school academic success, and the various barriers that families may face.  Resources for parents and educators encourage career conversations with students, and resources for students encourage self-exploration as it relates to career exploration.


Tips for Using this Toolkit:

  • Use the helpful checklists when planning a college or university visit for 5th graders
  • Introduce the toolkit activities as a preparation for a K2C day at your local college or university
  • Present the PowerPoint, K2C Overview, at a PTA meeting to reach parents and educators
  • Create a lesson on the “lingo” of college as a group activity using School Search and the School Search Activity Guide, have the students create t-shirts.  Using large construction paper, cut out a t-shirt that the students decorate reflecting the information gathered during their school research.  Have the students present their t-shirts and discuss the information that was found.  Hang the shirts with clothespins on length of clothesline in the classroom or in the hallway.
  • Share the Career Writer Write About College with the classroom teachers
  • After students complete their visit, have them write a self-reflection paper to incorporate English SOLs and reinforce what was learned OR
  • After students complete their visit, have students create a goals statement for post-high school plans through creative expression; create a collage, painting, drawing, etc.


K2C Planning Resources


K2C Parent Resources


Student Activities